Disaster Response

Placing protection at the centre of humanitarian action

This study was conceived by the Global Protection Cluster at a moment (late 2011/early 2012) when the trend in protection funding appeared to be in sharp decline.

The Generosity of Survivors

Every community and home we visited in the disaster-ravaged Philippines fed us.

Despite having their homes destroyed, livelihoods ruined, and grieving the loss of loved ones, each community carefully laid out baked goods, fruit drinks, rice pudding, and home-grown sweet potatoes.

Church’s Typhoon Response Builds Resilience, Boosts Economy

The Episcopal Church in the Philippines (ECP) has completed the initial relief phase of its

Electronic Transfers: Experiences and Tools for Use in Humanitarian Response

American Red Cross, the Cash Learning Partnership and Mercy Corps invite you to participate in a discussion about electronic transfers (e-transfers) and their use in humanitarian response, highlighting recent experiences, new tools and research, and related opportunities and challenges. See attached flyer for additional information.

The event will take place at the American Red Cross Board of Governors Hall (430 17th St, NW, Washington, DC) on Thursday, March 6th from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Think a Relief Operation Isn’t a Good Time to Train Aid Workers on Quality & Accountability? Think Again.

When a disaster strikes, the priority for humanitarian organizations is to bring aid to those affected. But as the following story from the Philippines shows, education on Quality & Accountability delivered amid relief efforts is actually changing how aid agencies respond to Typhoon Haiyan - and beyond.


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