Hard Truths in Nonprofit Storytelling

I lay face-down in the gravel, thrusting my cell and wallet behind me. I won’t look at them. There is shouting. When the men first approached, yelling at us to get down on the ground, I thought they were warning against danger.Perhaps it was more police action, like the tear gas that had been tossed at protesting students days before, a continuation of the unrest that began in May after an unmanageable hike in their university fees.

A Fresh Start, a Second Chance for Youth in Guyana

"SKYE is all about a second chance," said one participant.

The neighborhood of Agricola is one of the poorest and most dangerous communities in all of Guyana. For Flemlyn Ragobeer, it was also home.

Now, as a youth coach for the Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) program, Ragobeer is going back to Agricola, helping to pull other young people out of poverty and crime and into a better life.

Late Night with ONE: African Leaders Summit After-Party

On Aug. 4, ONE will host a series of events at the Newseum. The day will be capped off with "Late Night with ONE," a special African Leaders Summit after-party.

Don’t Generalize a Generation, Engage ‘Em!

By Alexandra Mitchell, president and CEO of Pathfinder Solutions, and Lauren Latimer, of Pathfinder Solutions. Mitchell is speaking at "The Good, The Bad and The Young: Mythbusting the Role of Young Professionals in International Development" on Thursday, June 12 at InterAction’s Forum 2014

Briefing for G20 Sherpas' Meeting

The G20 needs to pursue a growth agenda that is more inclusive, to ensure the benefits of economic growth are shared across all societies.

Keeping Track of Program Progress in Honduras

One of the major challenges for any large-scale education, health, or economic development program is keeping track of activities and data, all while monitoring and evaluating progress. This means pulling together myriad pieces of information across multiple program sites and sharing it with those who need it.

One youth development program in Honduras is no different. But thanks to some technical savvy, program staff have come up with an innovative technology tool to help share information, make decisions, and improve programming.

Seeking Solutions to Youth Violence in Latin America

A recent study by the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Justice found that 42 of the 50 most violent cities in the world in 2012 were located in Latin America and the Caribbean. Young people, who comprise half of the population in many of these cities, are over-represented in crime statistics including the vast majority of homicides.  


What can be done to reduce and prevent youth violence in Latin America? Join us for a dynamic discussion to take a fresh look at the problem and explore innovative and effective strategies for preventing youth violence in this region.

Monthly Development - Sept 2013, Volume 31, Issue 9

Monthly Developments Magazine (formerly Monday Developments Magazine and affectionately known as MD) covered the latest in international relief and development trends – f

Youth and Media: Political Engagement in New Spaces

"Young people in development are both a project of reform and agents of change. This population is not static. They engage on multiple levels.” – Dr .Loubna Skalli-Hanna, Author, Editor and Professor at American University, School of International Service

Monthly Development - Jul 2013, Volume 31, Issue 7

Monthly Developments Magazine (formerly Monday Developments Magazine and affectionately known as MD) covered the latest in international relief and development trends – f


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