Mozambique’s Coconut Graveyards

Orlando Albinho spent much of his 40 years collecting coconuts from the tops of leafy palm trees and selling them in the local market or to nearby factories that made soap and oil from the dried white flesh.

Three years ago, everything changed.

Late Night with ONE: African Leaders Summit After-Party

On Aug. 4, ONE will host a series of events at the Newseum. The day will be capped off with "Late Night with ONE," a special African Leaders Summit after-party.

Re-thinking Poverty in Light of Climate Change

334 species of plants. 693 different kinds of animals, including 49 species of mammals, 59 reptiles and 315 water birds. 1,600 square miles of land and 725 square miles of water. Three wildlife sanctuaries. The Sundarbans, the world’s largest, contiguous mangrove forest located along the coast of India and Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal, is home to all of this. Just outside, 1.7 million people live along the forest's outskirts, with many depending on its resources.

Engaging Venture Capital to Strengthen Agricultural Value Chains in Morocco

By Mike Deal, executive director and CEO of Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA), and Malina Dumas, a VEGA program associate. Deal is speaking at “Private Sector Partnerships & International Development Volunteers” on Friday, June 13 at InterAction’s Forum 2014

USAID And InterAction Sign Landmark Development Partnership - And Now The Work Starts

USAID and InterAction have just announced a first-of-its-kind agreement in a major effort to accelerate progress in the global fight against hunger and malnutrition. The agreement, signed May 19 on Capitol Hill, aims to maximize the impact of USAID and U.S.

FY15 NGO Letter to Congress in Support of Food Aid and Humanitarian Accounts and Reform

On April 11, 2014, InterAction and 10 InterAction members sent identical letters to the House and Senate in support of strong funding levels for food aid and humanitarian accounts and key food aid

Empowering Farmers in Somaliland

Gogol-Wanaag, Somaliland—Sheikh Muhumed Dhinbil Cumar sits in a bit of shade chewing khat as he muses over how farming in his village has changed over recent generations. His father and his father before him - 12 or 13 generations of his family, he says - were all farmers in this area, with tenuous livelihoods subject to unpredictable rainfall and drought.


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