G7/G20 Summits

The G7 Summit

Due to recent events in Europe, the planned 2014 G8 summit in Sochi, Russia will no longer take place. Instead leaders of the G7 nations will meet in Brussels on June 4-5, where they will discuss pressing global issues. Though the fluid political situation means we currently do not have many details regarding the summit agenda or the schedule of preparatory meetings, we will share this information as it becomes available.

The G20 Summit

The Brisbane G20 summit falls on November 15-16, 2014. A full schedule of G20 events, along with additional background information, will be maintained here. The U.S. G7/G20 Advocacy Alliance has composed a policy paper detailing its recommendations for the summit, which can be found here

Taking the helm of the group in December, the Australian government released a concept paper listing priorities around two main themes:

  • Promoting stronger economic growth and employment outcomes
    • Attracting private infrastructure investment
    • Removing obstacles to trade
    • Creating jobs and lifting participation
    • Empowering development
  • Making the global economy more resilient to deal with future shocks
    • Reforming the global financial system
    • Strengthening tax systems
    • Reforming global institutions
    • Strengthening energy market resilience
    • Fighting corruption

The C20 

The Civil Society 20 (C20) summit is scheduled for June 17-19 in Melbourne, Australia. At this summit, CSO representatives will publish their recommendations for the G20 leaders.

The C20 is currently running a consultation process to select which issues will be addressed by the group this year. The deadline for nominating issues has passed.

We will continue to update this webpage throughout the year as we receive and publish more information on development-related aspects of the G7 and G20 summits. For more information on InterAction's G7/G20 work, contact John Ruthrauff, director of international advocacy.