Gender Equality

Improving the status of women and girls is at the heart of effective development. Investing in women’s and girls’ health, education, economic roles and political participation has proven successful toward reducing global poverty and improving the lives of the world’s poorest individuals. Investments also are important for engaging men and boys in attaining gender equality and for eliminating violence against women. 

Since 1992, InterAction, through its Commission on the Advancement of Women, has worked to advance female empowerment and gender equality in the policy and practice of InterAction members and other agencies. InterAction promotes gender equality through organizational capacity building, foreign aid reform, resource sharing and skills building, and global outreach for innovative partnerships.

InterAction’s Gender Audit is a participatory self-assessment and action planning process that has been used successfully by InterAction members and others for achieving gender integration. The impact of gender integration on field program resultes is documented in Revealing the Power of Gender Mainstreaming—Enhancing Development Effectiveness of Non-Governmental Organizations in Africa. To learn about gender integration in different sectors, Gender Mainstreaming in Action—Successful Innovations from Asia and the Pacific is a useful resource.  

The Gender Integration Working Group provides a forum for member networking, peer learning, skills building and collaborative initiatives that highlight participants' gender integration efforts and projects.

The Women, Faith and Development Alliance (WFDA) serves as a global network of uncommon partners who are committed to crossing boundaries to end poverty. In 2008, a global summit mobilized over $1 billion in commitments for empowering women and girls—the results of which are compiled in the WFDA Commitments Report 2010. For an overview of the WFDA, see Women, Faith and Development Alliance—A Short History and Guide for Adaptation.  

Other InterAction gender equality activities include: