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Making Partnerships Work 

The global development world is being transformed. New innovative finance and partnership models are enabling and accelerating these permanent and structural changes. But how can organizations stay on top of this transformation? Working with partners, InterAction is pioneering innovative efforts to help members keep abreast of the latest developments and hone their ability to partner with the private sector.

In 2014 InterAction launched its Leadership Development Series for international NGO CEOs and senior staff.

Partnerships between international NGOs and corporations can produce substantial quality and scale opportunities. The diversity and vibrancy of our members places InterAction in a privileged position to leverage top global firms specializing in multisector partnership and financing, and to offer boutique trainings for a fraction of the cost generally charged for a single client. In 2014 InterAction launched its Leadership Development Series for international NGO CEOs and senior staff. Content is tailored to meet the demands of senior leadership at international NGOs who are facing challenges specific to partnering with corporation and structuring partnerships that go beyond essential business development.

Co-designed with Accenture, the first series, Making Partnerships Work, explored in-depth new approaches to partnering with corporations and some necessary changes in the way we do business in order to strengthen our collaboration across sectors.

Photo: Stephen Elliot