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Shifting Environment, Shifting Strategy

New StrategyThis year InterAction finalized an ambitious agenda to help chart its next three years. It reflects over a year of discussions with staff, board members, and member organizations, on InterAction’s role in the rapidly evolving environment of humanitarian and global development. Reflecting the evolving role of NGOs and InterAction’s mission, the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan builds on the organization’s key strengths, while also identifying areas of new growth and opportunity.

InterAction was deeply troubled by the growing crackdown on civil society space.

Taking a step back to examine the current landscape for NGOs around the world, InterAction was deeply troubled by the growing crackdown on civil society space. In Russia, India, Uganda, and many more countries, governments are putting undue burdens on organizations: fines, heavy regulations, and restrictive policies all threaten to quiet civil society’s voice. InterAction recognizes that a vibrant and independent civil society is a fundamental component in eliminating poverty and vulnerability, strengthening human rights and citizen participation, safeguarding a sustainable planet, promoting peace, and ensuring dignity for all. That is why strengthening civil society, which includes strengthening our members and their ability to adapt, has become an increased priority for InterAction. InterAction plans to expand its work on this vital issue.

Strategic Goals (2015-2018)

  • Promote the ability of civil society to thrive around the world, and advance the independence and mission of our members. 
  • Mobilize members and partners to have greater collective impact.
  • Convene, lead, and influence coordinated action to drive policies, practices, and behaviors that advance our mission.

InterAction will also continue to assist member NGOs in adapting to a rapidly evolving landscape. To increase overall member impact, InterAction will offer more opportunities for members to have access to cutting-edge business practices, engagement with the private sector, and innovative financing opportunities. The organization will lead a discussion about how NGOs communicate around global development. InterAction will also help members achieve better results through facilitating discussions of best practices and setting standards for the NGO sector. 

InterAction will also continue the work for which we have become known: convening, leading, and influencing coordinated action. When NGOs come together for collective action we can inform policy, strengthen civilian safety, and help build life-saving health systems. To face the challenges of the future, it remains vital that organizations continue to work together.

InterAction is excited to embark on this ambitious agenda. It will push our organization to tackle new challenges and build on the solid foundation of expertise and knowledge we have garnered over the last 30 years of leading the largest coalition of international NGOs and partners in the U.S. Want to join us in reaching these goals? Learn more.

Photo: Faith Rowold