Letter from the CEO and President

Lindsay Coates

Sam Worthington

Dear Colleagues,

We have finished another great year. In 2015, InterAction and its members progressed toward our common goal of advancing human wellbeing everywhere by influencing major legislation and policies, and exchanging knowledge among NGOs. As we move forward, we must work across sectors to create the greatest positive impact. In addition to leveraging the resources and expertise of our members, InterAction will also continue to join forces with the government, private sector, academia, and the American public to eliminate poverty and build strong, resilient communities throughout the world.

One way we do this is by raising awareness in Congress — through high-level meetings and social media outreach — on the importance of U.S. government funding for programs that provide critical services such as education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and emergency assistance to millions of people worldwide.

However, we are not limiting our efforts to Congress.

To increase resources for critical programs, we also need support from the constituents. As many NGOs now raise the vast majority of their funds from individual donations, InterAction is strengthening its collaboration with members on the Narrative Project to foster a more positive outlook on international development and humanitarian assistance amongst the American public.

InterAction is also collaborating with private foundations and corporations to provide members access to cutting-edge business practices. InterAction is working with partners such as Accenture and Dalberg to guide NGOs on ways to work with private sector partners. With private resources flowing to both developing and developed countries, it is crucial that NGOs understand the best practices for leveraging time, resources, and expertise to achieve their missions.

InterAction is reaching abroad as well. As the world faces unprecedented human suffering, it is critical to exchange information on best practices in humanitarian response with local civil society organizations and other NGOs outside of our membership. By building on our efforts in 2015, such as hosting our fifth Humanitarian Coordinators meeting and conducting multiple targeted field visits, we will continue to engage with NGO consortia from South Sudan to Myanmar.

With an increase in philanthropic donations and a rise in civil society organizations in the Global South, the InterAction community must work with and influence a diverse group of stakeholders. With our new joint leadership model, we will continue our 2015 efforts to create partnerships with individuals, organizations, and businesses everywhere to collaboratively design and implement new policies and initiatives to help end human suffering in every corner of the globe. 

Sam Worthington
CEO, InterAction
On Twitter @SamInterAction

Lindsay Coates
President, InterAction
On Twitter @lindsaycoates