Illustrative Results

Partnering with Congress to Invest in Global Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Congressional Outreach

By offering a unique on-the-ground perspective on development and humanitarian issues, InterAction members help shape foreign assistance decisions in Congress. In 2015, InterAction leveraged its partnerships and resources to educate Congress on the value of U.S. international assistance for poverty and emergency relief.

The collective voice that InterAction cultivated ensured that our community was more influential and effective on Capitol Hill. Over the course of the year, InterAction led 55 meetings with members of Congress and the CEOs and vice presidents of its members.

To assist this critical work, InterAction formally launched the Aid Works: America Making a Difference series in collaboration with the bipartisan leadership of the Congressional Caucus for Effective Foreign Assistance.

In Fiscal Year 2016, 168 organizations endorsed our budget recommendations.

InterAction member organizations, staff, and other experts worked in close partnership to heavily research and produce the 14 Aid Works fact sheets. Each sheet highlights the significant contributions U.S. foreign assistance has made in a variety of critical areas, from education to significant strides in treating — and in the case of Polio, eradicating — some of the world’s deadliest diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

InterAction also produced Choose to Invest, an annual resource with specific funding recommendations for more than 35 international development and humanitarian response programs.

In Fiscal Year 2016, 168 organizations endorsed our budget recommendations, echoing the call to continue U.S. leadership in helping people around the world become independent and build sustainable futures for themselves and their families.

By using new and long-established partnerships — both on Capitol Hill and across the NGO sector — InterAction helps build the foundation for education, health, and economic opportunity so that every person, regardless of where they are born, has the chance to reach their full potential. 

Photo: Alexandra Ostasiewicz