InterAction is pleased to release its Foreign Assistance Briefing Book. The document represents the U.S.-based international nonprofit community’s best thinking on a range of pressing foreign assistance challenges. Organized by issue area, it is intended to serve as a resource on important international development and humanitarian issues for the next administration and the 115th Congress. 

The document features 22 key areas with specific opportunities and recommendations highlighted. All of the information is drawn from InterAction's 180+ member organizations, a diverse group of both faith-based and secular organizations with decades of experience working on the ground internationally and with strong support from the American people.

InterAction Member Insights

InterAction member NGOs work in almost every developing county around the globe on a host pressing development, humanitarian, and sustainability issues. In many cases, these efforts are developed and implemented in active partnership with local civil society, the private sector, government and international organization leaders. To harness the collective insights, experiences, and lessons learned by our community, InterAction's 2016 FABB features a series of 16 member-written policy briefs. Each member insight brief is indexed by topic in both the web and PDF only versions of the FABB.

Congressional Advocacy Calendar

As an organizing tool for its members and partners, InterAction has created a special calendar of upcoming events related to education and outreach to the 115th Congress on key policy issues related to international development, humanitarian assistance and sustainability. If you would like to post an event to the calendar, please email communications@interaction.org for more information.

Members of the press should direct all inquiries to communications@interaction.org.

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About InterAction

InterAction is the largest alliance of international NGOs and partners in the United States. Our 180+ members work in every country. We work in partnerships with civil society, government, and the private sector. We enable members and partners to mobilize, enhance their impact, align common interests, build community, and promote learning and innovation.

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