5 Facts About The Crisis in Syria

Asmaa Waguih Reuters (CC- edited)

The crisis in Syria is now entering its fifth year, and remains the greatest humanitarian emergency of our day. As continued extreme violence and indiscriminate fighting affect the country, the need for ongoing humanitarian assistance and a comprehensive political solution is greater than ever.

The United Nations estimates that 7.6 million people inside Syria have fled their homes, schools and communities. A staggering 3.8 million are now registered as refugees in neighboring countries. The influx and prolonged presence of refugees is crippling the nations that are hosting them, further destabilizing an already fragile region.

With 12.2 million Syrians currently affected by this crisis, the need for life-saving emergency assistance continues to grow.  But humanitarians can only strive to alleviate the suffering of the civilians caught in the middle of the senseless brutality of the conflict. An end to the conflict in Syria is needed, and only a political solution can lead to it. What will it take

Five Facts to Know About the Four Year Anniversary of the Syrian Conflict:







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