Assessing U.S. Economic Assistance Context, Impact, and Implications

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On July 7, 2016,  Alicia Phillips Mandaville, InterAction's vice president for global development, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at a hearing examining U.S. economic assistance. Phillips Mandaville's remarks focused on three broad questions:

  1. What drives and constrains economic growth in developing countries?

  2. What does a diverse portfolio approach for U.S. economic assistance entail?

  3. How can U.S. assistance respond to today’s reality that economic and non-economic issues are deeply intertwined?

"To a person, our members recognize that that U.S. global leadership must include assistance designed to lift people out of poverty - and the $15 billion in charitable donations that citizens direct abroad every year suggests the American people do too. In that context, we believe both in the economic necessity of growth, and the human imperative of ensuring that growth is inclusive," Phillips Mandaville stressed in her remarks to the committee.

Watch video of the full hearing. | Listen to archived audio from the hearing.