Can London Donor Conference Help End the Suffering in Syria?

Photo By: Enes Reyhan

WASHINGTON – On February 4 the UK, Germany, Kuwait, Norway and the UN will co-host a special international conference in London on the challenge of raising humanitarian relief funds for the Syria crisis. A delegation from the United States will be in attendance, along with representatives from other G20 nations.

In advance of the London donor conference, InterAction has released a series of policy recommendations urging U.S. representatives in London to:

  • Ensure that the UN-led joint appeals are fully funded;

  • Recommit the U.S. to providing its fair share of humanitarian relief support; and

  • Issue a formal, public commitment to leading a bold, new diplomatic effort to establish a long-term regional stabilization plan to support refugees and neighboring countries. This Middle East Recovery Plan, in turn, should:

    • Drive economic growth for host communities;

    • Ensure protection of refugees;

    • Ensure that all children and young people affected by the conflict have access to a safe and quality education; and

    • Increase resettlement, and other forms of admission, for the most vulnerable.

In addition, until there is a lasting ceasefire InterAction also has urged the Obama administration to:

  • Recognize humanitarian considerations as integral to the Vienna Process; and

  • Issue the strongest possible communiqué to confront and condemn all attacks on civilians and violations of international humanitarian law.

“After five years of spiraling violence, 2016 must be the year when Syrians are afforded the protection and dignity they have long called for but been denied,” InterAction CEO Sam Worthington said.

“Unless the international community demonstrates bold leadership the crisis of our generation will spiral further out of control. In the face of overwhelming emergency needs and the accompanying costs of this protracted crisis, the people of Syria must be supported now,” Worthington added.

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