InterAction’s 2014 Effective Assistance Photography Award

Photo By: Kaushik Majumder

This year, NGO alliance InterAction presented the Effective Assistance Photography Award to Kaushik Majumder at the InterAction Forum 2014, June 10-13.

The Effective Assistance Photography Award honors a photographer whose provocative photos focus on the incredible humanitarian and development work done in the field. The photographer's work illustrates innovative, effective and inspiring efforts in international relief and development.

As the winner of the award this year, Kaushik Majumder believes that every photographer has the duty to express and expose the positive aspects of the world, and his/her work should be able to inspire its audiences.

The winning entry in InterAction’s 2014 photography contest, chosen from more than 550 submissions, was taken at an Indian small-scale thread mill and was given the title “Old Charka,” a thread making instrument commonly used in remote villages of India.

“In the picture you find on old lady and a little boy. When I saw them with charka I thought that it will be a significant story, which would convey the tradition of their progression,” wrote Mr. Majumder in his acceptance speech.

InterAction would like to recognize all the other great contestants, especially the finalists Jérémie Lusseau for his photo entitled “Inclusive Dance”, Sudipto Das for his photo entitled “Life Line”, and George Figdor for his photo entitled “Casting Transformation.” Click on slideshow below to view the pictures.