InterAction Helps Launch Guidance on International Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflict

Screen shot of the report

On October 28, InterAction and the American Red Cross hosted a panel discussion around the launch of the Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating to Humanitarian Relief Operations in Situations of Armed Conflict. InterAction Director of Protection Jenny McAvoy moderated the panel, which featured two of the report's authors, Dapo Akande and Emanuela Gillard, as well as InterAction Vice President of Humanitarian Policy and Practice Particia McIlreavy and Director of the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) at USAID Jeremy Konyndyk.

Commissioned by OCHA, the guidance report addresses the critical need for life-saving assistance in conflict zones and acts as a tool for the actors who are charged with providing that assistance to affected civilian populations. It also covers the legal framework of humanitarian relief operations in international and non-international armed conflicts. The panel discussion built off of this by engaging in a discussion around a range of current challenges and issues relating to international law, policy, and operations.

Watch the full panel dission, read the guidance document, or learn more about the need for greater respect for international humanitarian law in armed conflict.