InterAction Announces Pledge on Preventing Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, and Harassment

WASHINGTON—126 InterAction members and partners have now signed on to InterAction's pledge to prevent sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment by and of NGO staff.

The pledge, originially signed in March 2018, stems from the work of leaders within InterAction’s member organizations since December 2017 to address sexual abuse and exploitation within the international NGO community. While many international nonprofits began work on the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation nearly a decade ago, changing cultural conversations sparked the need for more robust action. The pledge represents a public commitment to practices and policies that will not only protect the staff of the participating organizations, but also the communities they serve.

“We recognize the long-term effects that sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment have on individuals and work cultures, and this pledge sets out a series of promises from NGOs leaders. We commit to strengthening the implementation of the policies we have already, and to work together to find common solutions to the challenges that remain, such as preventing perpetrators from re-employment within our community,” said InterAction President Lindsay Coates, who also serves as a co-champion for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse for the UN’s Inter-Agency Standing Committee.

In addition to urging action to establish work environments free from sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment by and of aid workers, the pledge calls for establishing a reporting culture within InterAction organizations that supports confidential reporting of all allegations of misconduct, with regular updates to the CEOs. Member sign-on to the pledge is ongoing.

The full pledge can be found on the InterAction website:

Last updated January 03, 2019

Editor's Note: Additional signatories of the pledge, upon request, are available to members of the media for comment. For more information please contact InterAction’s Director of Communications Keosha Varela, at

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