InterAction Joins IATI

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After many years of advocating for greater transparency, InterAction has become a member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

Along with UK NGO alliance Bond, InterAction serves as one of the co-chairs of the IATI CSO Working Group and currently publishes data to IATI, as do several of its members.

InterAction has taken several steps to push for greater transparency in the nonprofit sector. Its NGO Aid Map initiative has made data on more than 14,000 projects from over 136 organizations freely and publicly available. Furthermore, InterAction recently held a data quality competition between NGO Aid Map contributors, awarding points for timely, comprehensive, and complete data. By the end of 2015, InterAction will also begin publishing data collected from our members through NGO Aid Map to IATI, adding the data of roughly 100 organizations to the IATI Registry.

“Over the past several years, InterAction has engaged in advocacy to encourage the U.S. government to publish high quality, timely, and comprehensive data to IATI, and to increase transparency within our own community,” said  InterAction President and CEO Sam Worthington in a letter to IATI Steering Committee Chair Robin Uyterlinde. “We understand the requirements of membership, and look forward to working with you to advance the aims of this initiative.”

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