Investing to help children reach their 5th birthday

On the occasion of the 5th Birthday and Beyond celebration, InterAction’s member NGOs reaffirmed their commitment to working to end preventable child and maternal deaths. In 2015, InterAction members will spend over $450 million in private resources on child health and survival programs, a substantial increase over 2014 spending. These private resources, raised directly from the American people, reinforce U.S. government investments in these critical areas.

This number is based on the privately funded spending of nine InterAction members who are leaders in the field of child health and survival: CARE, Catholic Relief Services, ChildFund International, Church World Service, Helen Keller International, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, WaterAid America, and World Vision.

The 5th Birthday and Beyond event, held on Capitol Hill and featuring congressional champions from both sides of the aisle, celebrates American investment in child health and survival programs that have helped children worldwide reach their fifth birthday.

Thanks to the efforts of U.S. NGOs, the U.S. government, and many others, we have seen great progress on this issue: The number of children who die before their fifth birthday has been halved since 1990. Yet there is still a long way to go – in 2012, 6.6 million children died before their fifth birthday. 

Factsheet: Aid Works: Maternal and Child Health

“The success of sustained collaboration and investment in fighting preventable diseases and child deaths is clear,” said Samuel A. Worthington, president and CEO of InterAction. “Together we can make even more progress. That’s why InterAction member NGOs will increase their spending in private resources on child health and survival programs for 2015, while also leveraging their technical expertise and established local community networks. We look forward to reaching even greater results in collaboration with the U.S. government’s leadership and the American people’s generous support and commitment - so that every child makes it to their fifth birthday and beyond.”

Blog: U.S. NGOs investing to help children reach their 5th birthday

In advance of the event, civil society organizations, foundations, corporations, and others have renewed or made new commitments to combat under-5 deaths.

The over $450 million in privately funded spending by U.S. NGOs in 2015 will pay for bed nets, vaccines, improved sanitation, community health workers, nutrition supplements, and other critical interventions.