Nominate Your NGO Hero

InterAction Partners with Guardian GDP Network, Bond, Civicus and Concord in 2016 NGO Hero Project

There are countless people working for NGOs around that world that deserve great recognition for their remarkable efforts working with people in the world's poorest places.

To end the year on a positive note, InterAction is teaming up with the Guardian GDP Network, Bond, Civicus and Concord to collect stories of everyday NGO heroes in order to recognize those working hard everyday to make a lasting difference in the world.

Who is your 2016 NGO hero?

It’s been quite a year and it’s nearly over. Throughout the ups and downs of 2016, who in the NGO world has given you inspiration?

To nominate an NGO colleague, peer, project, or partner who made you proud, made you laugh, or made your day please submit your NGO Hero online via GuardianWitness with:

  • Who are you nominating? (No self nominations, one submission per person)
  • Why? What have they done to impress you this year? (Be specific and personal)
  • And don’t forget a photograph of your hero!

The Guardian will feature the finalists in an end-of-year feature story. For additional information on the NGO Hero project, please visit the Guardian GDP Network ( You can also follow the conversation on the #NGOhero hashtag.