NSC Issues Statement On Interethnic Violence In South Sudan

In a statement released Tuesday, National Security Council (NSC) spokesman Tommy Vietor welcomed the South Sudanese government’s investigation into the escalation of violence between the Murle and Lou Nuer tribes, and urges the need for a peaceful long-term resolution.

According to AlertNet, the violence has displaced 60,000 since December. The New York Times reports that the death toll is uncertain, anywhere from “scores” to 3,000.

The NSC urges that the investigation identify the root cause of violence, particularly because of the lack of security in the region. The statement also expressed support for the UN and NGO efforts to provide immediate humanitarian aid, and urged the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) –  whose mandate includes conflict prevention and civilian protection – and the South Sudanese government to continue to work together to end the violence.

Read the full release on the White House’s website. For a timeline of the current crisis, see the New York Times article “Born in Unity, South Sudan is Torn Again.” For information on the most recent attacks, see the AlertNet article, “Tribal violence in South Sudan kills 47.”