Results-Based Protection Program Launches Online Platform

Photo By: Ismail Ferdous

Nov. 17, 2014 – What is protective impact and how do you know?  Welcome to the Results-Based Protection Forum where together we will figure this out.

The humanitarian community has come under increased pressure to achieve more meaningful results and demonstrate impact through protection programming. The community currently lacks a set of methods and approaches to bring about protection outcomes. There is a need for an approach that is rigorous enough to demonstrate measurably reduced risk, but practical enough for field-level use during crises.  The humanitarian community must make informed and real-time decisions, while adapting approaches along the way.Screen shot from

To help address these challenges, InterAction is facilitating a collaborative effort to develop and promote a results-based approach to protection in crisis. The newly launched forum will serve as an online point of reference for all stakeholders within the humanitarian community (i.e. NGOs, UN, donors, national civil society organizations) to exchange experiences and refine the key elements that underpin results-based protection.

On the web forum, members can review and comment on materials, participate in a series of consultations, and share experiences and examples. Together, we can address challenges such as measuring unseen violence or coercion, devising a pathway to mitigate threats, and finding the appropriate combination of actions to meaningfully reduce vulnerability and exposure to threats.

Visit the Results-Based Protection Forum to learn more and join the discussion.

For more information about this effort please contact InterAction's Senior Program Manager for Protection, Jessica Lenz, at