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The world is witnessing the highest level of human suffering since World War II. Wars and natural disasters have disrupted or destroyed the livelihoods of about 125 million people, 60 million of which were forced to flee their homes. There are scores of protracted and recurring crises that keep millions of families trapped in cycles of violence and poverty, and a distressing disregard for the basic rules regulating armed conflict, including respect for the protected status of civilians.

Recognizing the enormity of these challenges, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in the 70-year history of the United Nations to garner global support for concrete actions and commitments to a global agenda for humanity. The Summit, which is May 23 -24 in Istanbul, is centered around five core responsibilities:

To help provide more information about InterAction and its members' engagement with the Summit, InterAction has compiled a list of online resources.

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Statements from InterAction CEO Sam Worthington from the World Humanitarian Summit

VIDEO: High Level Roundtable On Changing People’s Lives: From Delivering Aid To Ending Need Statement

Watch InterAction's statement (as delivered) at the High Level Roundtable on Changing People’s Lives: From Delivering Aid to Ending Need on May 23, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. Worthington's remarks start at 1:32:36. Read the statement (as prepared).

World Humanitarian Summit Stakeholders Announcement Plenary Statement

Read InterAction's statements (as prepared) for the World Humanitarian Summit Stakeholders Announcement Plenary on May 23, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. Read the statement.

High Level Roundtable On Upholding The Norms That Safeguard Humanity

Read InterAction's statements (as prepared) for the High Level Roundtable on Upholding the Norms That Safeguard Humanity on May 24, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. Read the statement.

World Humanitarian Summit Participant Press Releases

Follow statements and releases from InterAction members and the broader NGO community as the Summit progresses.

InterAction Resources

U.S. NGO Commitments for the World Humanitarian Summit

Against the aspirational framing of the Secretary-General’s Agenda for Humanity, 63 U.S. NGOs joined InterAction in making concrete commitments to pursue effective humanitarian action that strives to ‘leave no one behind.’ Read the commitments.

Civilians Under Fire: Restore Respect for International Humanitarian Law

InterAction released a policy brief ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit calling for a new White House-led initiative to restore global respect for civilians in armed conflict. With a special focus on violence in Syria and Yemen, the brief builds on previous reports and studies documenting attacks on civilians and humanitarian workers. Read the brief or the brief summary.

InterAction Letter to President Obama on World Humanitarian Summit Commitments to Uphold International Humanitarian Law

Ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit, InterAction reiterated its call to President Obama to champion efforts to enhance adherence to international humanitarian law and restore respect for civilians in armed conflict. This document identifies commitments the U.S. should make to uphold International Humanitarian Law.  Read the letter.

A Conversation with Justine Greening and Gayle Smith

At InterAction's Forum 2016, UK Secretary of State for International Development The Rt. Hon. Justine Greening, MP,  joined USAID Administrator Gayle Smith to share their thoughts on the future of humanitarian assistance and international development. Listen to audio only.

USAID Administrator Gayle Smith at Forum 2016

In her keynote address at the InterAction Forum 2016 Gala Awards Ceremony and Banquet, USAID Administrator Gayle Smith Smith praised the progress global development actors have made and called for continued support from all actors ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit.  Listen to audio only.

Guardian Op-Ed: Dear Obama, You Can Lead the Way to Protect Civilians in Conflict

On April 2, the Guardian Development Network ran an op-ed by InterAction CEO Sam Worthington calling on President Obama to lead the way on protecting civilians in conflict and restoring global respect for international humanitarian law. Read the op-ed.