It’s Not Too Late to Learn Why Transparency Matters

Photo By: InterAction

Leading transparency practitioners are discussing the challenges of transparency and opening the conversation to the public.

InterAction's NGO Aid Map hosted a Google Hangout dedicated to the necessity of transparency on Monday, following a six part blog series on the topic. Entitled “Why Transparency Matters,” the series ran from Sept. 23 to Oct. 2 and addressed questions such as what it means to be transparent, how organizations become transparent, and how transparency makes a difference in international development and humanitarian relief.

In addition to InterAction, the blog series featured contributors from AidData, Development Initiatives, Foundation Center, Open Aid Partnership, Oxfam America, and Publish What You Fund.

Hosted by NGO Aid Map, an online tool that aims to increase the amount of publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response, the webinar allowed the contributors to candidly discuss topics raised in the series.  

“It is important for us to come together. There’s so much going on with transparency – with aid transparency, with data revolution – all of these buzzwords that are thrown around,” said Nicole Valentinuzzi, the campaigns and communications manager at Publish What You Fund. “Coming together in our own different ways and bringing our own angles is really important because we are, essentially, all trying to get to the same end goal.”    

Watch the discussion below, and read the blog series here.


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