Forum: Making Connections

Photo credit: Stephen Elliot

One of my favorite things about Forum is connecting with others. As a communications professional, I’m pretty tied to my computer, so Forum gives me the opportunity to meet people I regularly connect with, or catching up with old colleagues who’ve moved on to other organizations.

There are a few people who I’m incredibly eager to meet after having worked with them for so long. I hope I can find them in the crowds attending, but even if I don’t, I’ve already met some great people who I look forward to working with in the future.

This morning, I met a woman who works for an NGO that’s just setting up programs in Afghanistan, and she came here looking for people who could help her understand what to expect and what her group should plan for. And I ate lunch with a group of people from several different organizations who learned about each others’ work and may have found ways to further each others’ goals. It’s a great thing to watch.

And more than anything else, that’s what Forum’s about – connecting with each other, connecting our work, taking our global community and making it a little bit closer-knit. I hope to see you here!