Mexican Ministers Give Encouragement for Food and Development

Photo credit: David Olson/Olson Global Communications

As the G20 Summit is about to begin there is both frustration with the economic crisis in Europe mixed with some relief that Greece is less likely to pull out or be forced out of the eurozone.

On Saturday, members of civil society met with three senior Mexican ministers, including Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa. Espinosa indicated that they will work with Russia, the next G20 lead, to include development and food security in the 2013 G20 agenda. The issue of feeding 9 billion people in the near future highlighted the importance of increasing agriculture productivity with a focus on small-holder farmers. The minister of agriculture stressed the importance of the development of new technologies in both the public and private sectors.

Members of Mexico’s Sherpa team also met with NGOs and stressed three development priorities that will be included in the declaration: green growth; infrastructure, which was described as a good source of employment; and food security. The latter issue focused on the improvement of agriculture production and technical exchanges. They also stressed the need to avoid a proliferation of protectionism with new methods of global governance. They are looking to think beyond 2015 and aligning the MDGs to sustainable development goals

Photo: On the right Mexican foreign minister, in the middle John Ruthrauff of InterAction, and on the left Elena Konovalova, Advocacy manager of Oxfam Russia.  Photo credit: David Olson/Olson Global Communications.