Together Project Resources

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Together Project Resources

Together Project Roundtable on Financial Access for U.S. Nonprofits

Led by: Andrea Hall, Charity & Security Network

Topics Include:

  • Understanding De-risking
  • Overview Financial Access Problems for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue work
  • Strategies and recommendations

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Working Effectively under the Prohibition Against Providing Material Support to Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Led by: Kevin Mullen and Chalres Capito, Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Topics Include:

  • Legal Framework
  • Lessons learned from high-profile case
  • Other potentially applicable legal regimes
  • Ramifications and Side Effects for U.S.-based NGOs
  • Guidance for risk-based compliance

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Charity and Security Network Report on Financial Access for U.S. Nonprofits Reveals Broad Scope of Problem

  • 2/3 of all U.S. nonprofits that work abroad are having financial access difficulties
  • Delays in wire transfers, which can last up to several months, are the most common problem, affecting 37% of nonprofits
  • 15% of nonprofits report having these problems constantly or regularly
  • One-third of NPOs have experienced fee increases, and 26% have faced additional, unusual documentation requests
  • Transfers to all parts of the globe are impacted; the problem is not limited to conflict zones or  fragile and failing states
  • NPOs, categorically treated as high-risk, are sometimes forced to move money through less transparent, traceable, and safe channels as a result of delays in wire transfers and requests for additional documentation. When money cannot be transmitted in a timely manner, 42% of nonprofits report that they carry cash.

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Together Project Learning Series: Challenges Facing NGOs Operating Internationally

As U.S.-based nonprofits continue to expand their overseas activities amidst ongoing scrutiny from domestic and foreign regulators, they need to be prepared to assess their operations and establish policies and procedures to ensure U.S. and foreign compliance. This briefing will address major challenges faced and will provide practical solutions to help ensure success operating internationally.

Delivered by experienced attorneys from Venable’s nonprofit law practice, the briefing will focus on the identification of common issues and will provide practical advice on how U.S.-based NGOs can:

  • Enhance compliance with anti-corruption and licensing laws;
  • Develop strong financial controls;
  • Adhere to U.S. economic sanctions and export controls; and
  • Implement effective employment procedures.

To learn more about Venable, visit their website at

A Primer on Financial Access for NGOs: Challenges and Remedies

As NGOs working in aid, development and peacebuilding continue to face significant financial access challenges, this session provides an overview of the current landscape, empirical data, and some of the progress made to date.

Moderated by Andrea Hall, Senior Manager of InterAction’s Together Project, this session includes:

  • A basic overview of bank derisking as it impacts NGOs;
  • A description of the current financial access landscape;
  • A discussion of where the advocacy is focused, and where progress has been made in seeking systemic solutions, both in the U.S. and internationally;
  • A description of actions taken by the U.S. government to alleviate bank derisking over the past three years;
  • A brief discussion of multistakeholder dialogues; and
  • Steps NGOs can take in working with financial institutions.

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