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Scaling Innovations: Perspectives from the NGO Community

Innovations are one of the driving forces behind accelerating effective development. They can offer new approaches to address complex development challenges in a way that is more efficient, sustainable, and less costly. Ultimately, innovations play an important role in the future success of development.

Despite Friction over Climate and Trade, G20 Leaders Find Points of Consensus (G20 Summit Recap Part 2/2)

While discussions on climate and trade dominated the summit – and headlines – G20 leaders addressed a wide range of other issues at this year’s summit. Beyond making declarations in the leaders’ communiqué, G20 leaders also make commitments that are noted elsewhere, often in annexes attached to the communiqué or in altogether separate documents.

Contentious Talks on Climate and Trade dominate G20 Summit (G20 Summit Recap Part 1/2)

On June 7-8 G20 leaders met in Hamburg, Germany for the 2017 G20 Summit, in what turned out to be a fractious two-day meeting. As I wrote in a recent post, predictions for the summit were that it would be hampered by disagreement among the G20 leaders on a variety of issues, particularly trade and climate change.

This Is Not Business As Usual: The 2017 G20 Summit

The 2017 G20 Summit kicked off earlier today in Hamburg, Germany. Heads of state from the world’s leading economies are convening at Hamburg Messe, the city’s exhibition and trade fair center, on July 7-8 to discuss global priorities. Beyond the usual focus on economic, financial, climate, trade, employment, and development issues, G20 leaders are also expected to address a variety of other issues of global significance such as migration and refugee flows, and counter-terrorism.

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