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Women’s Rights Made a Difference in Tunisia, but What Now?

What made Tunisia successful in their revolution? One possible contribution is advanced women’s right in the country.

Non-Communicable Diseases: a New Trend in Global Health Priorities?

What do cancer, diabetes, and heart disease have in common? People want all of these diseases addressed in the global health arena.

Defense and International Affairs Budgets: Some Perspective

Washington DC is currently abuzz with budget facts and figures as policymakers and pundits alike try and get their arms around the current budget tangle. Perspective is key, though, to understanding where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Gates Emphasizes Polio Eradication in Annual Letter

Where will the Gates Foundation concentrate its budget this year? On vaccines according to Bill Gates' Annual Letter, especially the polio vaccine, with a goal of eradicating the disease that has ravaged young bodies for decades.

British Government Report Highlights Dire Food Security Situation

BBC reported this morning that the British government has released a report, The Foresight Report on Food and Farming Futures, which states the current global food system is not sustainable and will not end hunger unless drastically changed.

Remembering Haiti

As we all know, the people of Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake a year ago today. The earthquake struck at 4:53 in the afternoon, when many families were separated because of school and work, and we can only imagine the panicked feelings of family members desperate to find their loved ones in the aftermath.

Welcome to Aid Buzz, the New InterAction Blog

Welcome to the new InterAction blog, Aid Buzz!


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