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Five key take-aways from our financial crime risk management academy

In partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, InterAction’s Together Project co-hosted an academy on financial crime risk management on October 10th.  With representatives from U.S. government, regulatory bodies, banks and nonprofits, the academy provided content on the current operating environments for banks and regulators, the relevance of de-risking, and the consequent issues of financial access for nonprofit organizations.

Heading to The Hill: Engaging U.S. policymakers on the Together Project priorities

Launched in January of this year, InterAction’s Together Project is an initiative designed to create a hub of solidarity and advocacy for U.S.-based NGOs confronting targeted regulations or discrimination, owing to their operating principles or religious faith.

Civil 20 Summit: The World We Want

Over the past six months, the German organized C20 (Civil 20) created and facilitated six thematic working groups tasked with the development of the C20 policy recommendations. These recommendations, shared with G20 governments and sherpas, encompassed seven priority areas: Agriculture and Food SecurityEnvironment and Water

The Italian G7 Presidency: Global Challenges, Collaborative Action and Concrete Commitments

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Taormina’s ancient Greco-­Roman theater and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this year’s G7 summit deliberated critical global issues through the lens of the host country’s central mission: building the foundations of renewed trust.

Prior to the summit, questions abounded as to the leaders’ capacity for collaborative action and ability to create common positions to drive forward the global agenda.

The road to Taormina: building the foundations of renewed trust

With just over two months until the G7 member states convene for the 43rd summit in Taormina, Italy, ministerial meetings are well underway, the priorities have been identified by the host nation, and civil society organizations are engaging with governments to influence the outcome. 

The Italian G7 presidency has established its mission – building the foundations of renewed trust - and published its priorities. Italy aims to achieve its mission through three core pillars:   

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