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Serving the Rohingya Community at Home and Abroad

Omar has spent almost 29 years of his life in search of a real home that he could call his own. As a Rohingya Muslim from western Myanmar, he had to leave his home country, where he was neither recognized as a citizen nor given basic civil rights. After three difficult, precarious decades in several countries he arrived in Chicago, where he was finally able to settle down in safety. Here, he joins the steadily growing number of fellow Rohingya refugees and hopes to enjoy, at last, the comforts of a safe and welcoming community.

The Clock Is Ticking in the Horn of Africa

The scorched husks of withered plants lie scattered across a sprawling plane of dried mud. The vast basin was once covered with a glimmering lake fed by the rushing currents of a local river; now a choking wind blows over the cracked earth.

Two Years Later, Gaza Is Still Recovering from War

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) and United Nations Relief Works and Agency (UNRWA) launched Rebuild Gaza, an extensive campaign to repair and rebuild homes across Gaza. Thanks to the generosity of donors over the world, the project is already underway. 

Racing Against Time

It is already being considered the world’s next crisis, one that could possibly exceed the Syrian conflict in its severity. 

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