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Q & A: 2018 Sphere Handbook

Earlier this week, InterAction hosted the Washington D.C. launch of the 2018 Sphere Handbook. For the past 20 years, the Sphere Handbook has helped shape the core principles of humanitarian practice. The Handbook outlines a number of standards, indicators and guidelines intended to help those responding to crises and disasters provide the best support to affected populations.

InterAction Welcomes Nine New Members

In early June, InterAction welcomed nine new members into our coalition. These members represent a wide range of work within the international development and humanitarian sectors, bringing knowledge and expertise on issues ranging from health and wellness to data, civilian protection to poverty alleviation.  These organizations embody the shared principles amongst the membership and are welcomed additions to the InterAction community.

A huge welcome to the following new members:

Seven CEOs Join InterAction's Board of Directors

Leaders from seven leading international relief and development organizations were recently appointed to the InterAction board of directors.

These individuals and their organizations are committed to addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our day - from human rights violations to poverty, to hunger and disease.

Learn more about our newest board members:

InterAction Welcomes Distinguished Photographers

On May 3, InterAction welcomed five distinguished D.C.-based photographers to help judge our 16th annual Effective Assistance Photography Contest. This year’s judges will helped select the top photos from over 750 image submissions that capture the incredible moments with humanitarian and development space.  These photographers bring years of experience, and their photography captures everything from luxury fashion brands to distant cultures, and often serves as social commentary for some of today’s most pressing issues.

Recognizing Leaders in Global Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Every year, InterAction’s annual awards recognizes outstanding leaders within the global development and humanitarian sectors. These individuals are leaders who are shaping the evolution of the U.S. NGO sector and generating greater awareness in the U.S. of global poverty.

Top Blog Posts: Best of 2017

Last year was one of the most memorable and eventful for our community.

Together Project Working Group Launch

On October 4, the Together Project launched its working group, which seeks to address common issues facing U.S- based NGOs.

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