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Tips on How to Network at the Forum - for Those Who Hate Networking

Sixteen. That’s the number of times I’ve attended InterAction’s Forum. Yes, you read that correctly. And after all these years, I still think there are ways I can better maximize this tremendous networking opportunity. I am an extrovert, but I’ll be the first to admit that I still have anxiety when it comes to networking at the Forum. Like most people, it doesn’t come easily to me. There is this pressure that I must meet people.

NGO Aid Map: See more. Do better.

There are certain moments in your life that you never forget. Some of mine include graduating from college, buying a home, and having a baby. The same thing happens in one’s career, and for me, today is one of those moments.

InterAction Maps Food Security Projects

Global food prices are at their highest level in several years, with the World Bank saying last month that another 44 million people joined the ranks of those living in extreme poverty in low and middle-income countries since June of last year.

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