Choose to invest in foreign assistance 2012

America is experiencing tough times, but the funding of programs that target global poverty and respond to humanitarian crises is a solid, long-term investment—not only for compassionate reasons but because these accounts within the international affairs budget are a down payment for the stability, security and environmental sustainability of future generations.

InterAction and its 200 members are urging Congress to fund these key accounts that provide assistance to millions because cuts to the international affairs budget limit our ability to help the world’s most poor and vulnerable people. Investing in societies now reaps rewards for years to come and helps avert future military conflicts.

InterAction’s new publication, Choose to Invest in Foreign Assistance—Fall 2011, provides essential information on core U.S. government humanitarian and development assistance programs, and includes InterAction’s FY2012 funding recommendations. For each account, recent funding levels are presented in a graph and the purpose is briefly described. A more detailed justification of the funding recommendation follows, broken down by sector for the larger accounts. Interspersed throughout are stories of some of the real people and communities whose lives are improved by these investments.

Less than 1 percent of the current budget goes to foreign assistance. It’s a small amount in relative terms but makes a huge difference to the lives of millions. Congress can fully fund these accounts. This investment is the right fiscal choice.

Read what leaders from both political parties have said about the importance of foreign assistance. Also see InterAction’s dedicated webpage on the U.S. foreign assistance budget which includes detailed 2012 budget tables.

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