Choose to Invest in Development & Humanitarian Relief FY2013

Choose to Invest in Development and Humanitarian Relief” outlines InterAction’s FY2013 funding recommendations for U.S. government programs that focus on reducing global poverty. These recommendations are based on decades of field experience and partnering with local communities to deliver assistance.

InterAction member NGOs have the expertise to respond rapidly when conflicts or natural disasters overwhelm people. Working with local communities to share and expand sustainable agricultural techniques helps the world’s poorest people eat not just for one day but to build livelihoods that help future generations escape poverty.

Federal spending on poverty-focused development and humanitarian relief amounts to only seven-tenths of 1 percent of the total U.S. budget but the impact on people’s lives is immense.

Download the booklet and enjoy our community’s success stories about people whose lives are better because of these programs. Foreign assistance builds more prosperous, sustainable and healthier lives. It is worth the investment.


In this section, we are showcasing stories of on-the-ground success from InterAction's member organizations.

Access to Nutrition

Boosting Literacy

Repairing Lives

A New Country

Rebuilding Care

Teaching Character

Mobile Health Breaking the Cycle Climate Change Light in the Dark Sowing Seeds Eco Tourism


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