Choose To Invest In Development & Humanitarian Relief FY2014

The United States is a leader that plays a key role in helping those in crisis and advancing people's ability to improve their lives. In Choose to Invest in Development & Humanitarian Relief FY2014, InterAction and its nongovernmental organization (NGO) members outline funding recommendations for the U.S. government's poverty-focused international development and humanitarian relief programs. The one-pagers are resources for members of Congress, their staff and other U.S. policymakers as they consider the fiscal year 2014 budget. They include stories that highlight the real difference these programs make for the family farmers, small business entrepreneurs and refugees all working to better their lives.
There have been significant gains already, with more children now living to see their fifth birthdays, more people having access to clean water, and lower rates of malaria worldwide. These gains are the result of the collaborative efforts and will of individuals, organizations, donors, governments and others all over the world who have invested in people. We know such efforts are making a real difference for communities, yet we also know there is more to be done in building a better world for current and future generations. Read our recommendations.
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Stories of Impact

Passing on the Gift of Sustainability

Teaching Parents About Nutrition

Cervical Cancer Screenings & Treatment

Fighting Food Insecurity & Famine in Mali

Contributions to Peacekeeping

A Sustainable Future for South Sudanese

Decreasing Infant Mortality Rates in Bolivia

Supporting Entrepreneurs in Iraq

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