Economic Support Fund

FY2018 Funding Recommendation:  
$4.32 billion


Funding History


       House/Senate FY2017 Request*   

       InterAction's FY2018 Recommendation

*Includes FY2017 Continuing Resolution Increase

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 Key Facts

  • ESF funds programs that address the root causes of hunger, poverty, and food crises by investing in agricultural development and nutrition in Feed the Future Focus Countries and Feed the Future aligned countries including Burma/Myanmar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Georgia, Haiti, Liberia, Nepal, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

  • The Global Transitional Justice Fund relies on ESF funds to provide accountability for human rights violations and atrocities.

  • The Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues depends on ESF funds to support programs that promote women’s participation in peace-making and security, protect women and girls from violence and exploitation, and enable women to participate in reconciliation and peace processes in post conflict and conflict countries.

  • ESF funds provide important support for a number of global health programs including maternal and child health, polio, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and nutrition.

The Economic Support Fund is the main account to provide development assistance to fragile and conflict-affected states with the goal of meeting short and long-term political and economic needs. These funds help communities living in the poorest, most violent, and vulnerable places in the world access programs supporting the rule of law, strengthening civil society participation, increasing the role of the private sector, and making governments more accountable. ESF provides families living in countries like Liberia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Nepal with a number of vital services such as increasing access to basic education, growing nutritious food, strengthening health systems, promoting economic development and entrepreneurship, and supporting good governance.

InterAction’s FY2018 recommendation includes approximately $1.9 billion in base funding and $2.42 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations funding for core InterAction sectoral account recommendations that reduce poverty and save lives, such as Water and Sanitation, Basic Education, and Global Health. The recommended appropriation level would also provide additional funding for other equally worthwhile programming, such as preventing violent extremism, trade capacity-building, technology, innovation, and evaluation. InterAction’s total FY2018 recommendation for Economic Support Funds is a flat funding request in relation to FY2016 enacted amounts.1

The proposed funding level allows the U.S. to take the necessary steps to address global challenges, including increasing levels of violence that drives growing levels of human displacement and rolls back development gains. Please see our individual sectoral justifications for more details on specific programmatic areas.


1 The Assistance to Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia (AEECA) account funds similar programs in those regions. For several years it was incorporated into the ESF account, but it was pulled out into a separate account in FY2016 and FY2017 appropriations bills.

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