Action Against Hunger USA's Response to Hurricane Matthew Crisis

Operational Summary: 

In response to Hurricane Matthew, Action Against Hunger has conducted rapid assessments in targeted areas in Northwest Haiti and in Artibonite to determine people’s most urgent humanitarian needs, with a particular focus on assessing needs for water and sanitation, given the significant health risks associated with heavy rains and floodwaters that can contaminate water sources and contribute to deadly waterborne diseases such as cholera. Our Haiti team is also on standby to respond in southern Haiti, as more information becomes available on the needs and extend of damage. 

Action Against Hunger's immediate priorities:

  • We are distributing emergency hygiene kits and safe water to displaced people in emergency shelters and health centers in Lower Northwest of Haiti (specifically Bombardopolis) and in North Artibonite: both areas were strongly affected by the hurricane and are at particular risk of cholera.
  • Our mobile emergency unites are reaching hurricane victims with vital services.
  • Our teams are also preparing distributions of food to meet the urgent needs of people affected by the disaster.

​Please visit our website to donate now to Action Against Hunger's response to Hurricane Matthew. Action Against Hunger has been working in Haiti for 30 years, fighting hunger, improving water and sanitation, and working with local partners to strengthen health systems. 

Response Type: 
Food and Nutrition
Water and Sanitation
Long Term Recovery and Resilience