All Hands Volunteers's Response to Hurricane Matthew Crisis

Operational Summary: 

All Hands Volunteers' DART team has arrived in Fonds-des-Blancs, Haiti, where the team is coordinating with the St. Boniface Hospital and hospital foundation to provide immediate assistance in the region served by the hospital. Initial work is expected to include delivery of medical supplies and basic necessities as well as clearing mud and wreckage from the clinics operated by the hospital along the southern coast between Le Cayes and Aquin.  

The organization, which spent two years clearing rubble and building earthquake resilient schools in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, has also been asked to lend help in other decimated areas, where it will work in concert with local partners. As a volunteer organization with already over 300 volunteers in the queue, All Hands brings professionally managed labor capacity to a situation where labor- intensive work such as road clearing, debris removal, and shelter construction are crucial. Volunteers will be brought in after search and rescue wraps up, when their presence is most productive.

All Hands anticipates that it will be in Haiti for at least four months performing response through early recovery activities. Continued funding beyond that point would permit the response teams to phase into long term reconstruction activities, such as building resilient permanent houses and schools.

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Early Recovery
Water and Sanitation