All Hands Volunteers's Response to The Nepal Earthquake

Operational Summary: 

All Hands has been steadily increasing its presence and activities in the affected areas since arriving in Kathmandu a week after the first earthquake. We have been coordinating teams of local volunteers to meet immediate humanitarian needs such as delivering rice, blankets, tarps and other necessities. Teams have also been working to provide safe spaces for children to play, learn and heal. We recently completed construction of the first government-designated "temporary learning center." Officials are calling for the creation of many, many more TLCs, so this this will be an ongoing program/

All Hands also has been very busy with debris removal; for this task we have provided a volunteer labor force that has been in high demand by other organizations. In a landscape where between 80-95% of the buildings have collpsed, clearing roads for access and properties for habitation/rebuilding will be another ongoing challenge in all affected districts.

As of June 1, All Hands opened our "Project Nepal" to outside international volunteers who will join the ranks of the existing local volunteers. The current strategy is to continue response activities from two bases: Kathmandu and Sindhupalchok, one of the worst-hit districts, with the priority being providing shelter to displaced persons ahead of the fast-approaching monsoons.

In parallel with its response work, All Hands is planning for reconsstruction of heavily damaged villages. It has entered a tentative partnership with Nepalese architects and other  groups, with the objective of accelerating the pace of rebuilding earthquake resilient, sustainable homes, thereby improving affected population's chances for full recovery.

Response Type: 
Early Recovery