American Red Cross International Services's Response to Hurricane Matthew Crisis

Operational Summary: 

In order to ensure that the response can ramp up quickly, the American Red Cross has committed an initial $500,000 to the operation. As of October 8, three disaster response specialists had deployed to support the operation, joining more than 200 delegation staff that are part of the long-term recovery team already present in the country. 

Basic infrastructure such as communication systems, water systems and electricity are highly damaged and non-functional in some locations. Of immediate concern is the risk of water-borne illnesses, particularly cholera. In an effort to mitigate the spread of disease, the American Red Cross has completed an initial distribution of 1000 hygiene kits and 600 cholera-prevention kits. 

Destroyed communication systems coupled with poor road accessibility prevents people from reaching their family members located in the areas devastated by Hurricane Matthew. To facilitate communication between family members, the Red Cross Restoring Family Links program has activated the FamilyLinks website where individuals can register missing persons, register themselves as safe and search a database of other registered persons. To restore cell phone communication, three antennas will be placed in the affected regions to enable people to contact their loved ones. 

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Early Recovery
Emergency Telecommunications
Water and Sanitation