Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT)'s Response to Hurricane Matthew Crisis

Operational Summary: 

After Hurricane Matthew hit, AMURT and AMURTEL mobilized their existing teams in Northwest Haiti to assess the most critically impacted communities of Coridon, Point-des-Mangles, Anse Rouge, and Plen de Larb. Over 1300 houses have been destroyed or damaged, 90% of salt basins have been affected (salt is the main livelihood of the Commune), and the majority of the roads are severely impacted. 

AMURT and AMURTEL are planning the following response:

  1. Provision of non-food items, shelter kits, food/water to most vulnerable
  2. Offering cash vouchers and cash for work to clean up communities (as an expansion of AMURT’s current cash for work program)
  3. Helping rebuild schools and houses of those most vulnerable
  4. Rehabilitate the salt production zones, introducing modernized production methods

AMURT has a staff of 70 in Communes Anse Rouge and Terre Neuve, and they have temporarily shifted focus away from AMURT’s watershed protection program and towards the assessment and relief preparation.​ AMURT will be expanding significantly its cash-for-work component to include the hard hit areas in the next few days.

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Food and Nutrition
Early Recovery
Long Term Recovery and Resilience