Association of Volunteers in International Service, USA's Response to Hurricane Matthew Crisis

Operational Summary: 

In response to Hurricane Matthew, AVSI Foundation has already conducted a series of rapid assessments in the South department of Haiti and also in Cite Soleil and Martissant, neighborhoods in Port au Prince. AVSI has begun distributing food and purification tablets and is running psychosocial activities with 2,200 children and women in four shelters in Port au Prince. Starting October 12, AVSI will partner with the World Food Programme to distribute meals to 19,900 people. 

South department of Haiti

  • In partnership with the Government of Haiti and the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), AVSI has conducted rapid assessments in targeted areas in Torbeck, Chantal, Camp Perrin and Saint Jean du Sud (currently there are 300,000 people living in these areas).
  • We are helping 300 families with urgent needs like transportation to hospitals, shelter and home visits.
  • AVSI is distributing purification tablets which kill the bacteria living in the water and make it drinkable. The main goal is to prevent new cases of cholera due to severely damaged water supplies and sanitation systems.
  • In partnership with the Rotary Club Les Cayes, AVSI is distributing meals and emergency hygiene kits to 500 families. 

Port-au-Prince, Cite Soleil and Matissant

  • AVSI has conducted rapid assessments in targeted areas in Cite Soleil and Martissant (currently there are 500,000 people living in these areas)
  • We have visited 1,500 families to evaluate their more urgent needs.
  • AVSI is currently working in four shelters running psychosocial activities with 2,200 women and children.
  • We are supporting UNICEF in assessing the current conditions in the local orphanages.

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