Global Communities's Response to The Ebola Crisis

Operational Summary: 

Since March, the Global Communities team in Liberia has been delivering outreach messages on preventative hygiene practices to an at-risk population of 366,000 people, placing an emphasis on women, who are disproportionately affected by Ebola due to their role as family caretakers and health workers.

Working in the three most affected counties in Liberia – Lofa, Nimba and Bong Counties, we partner with local leaders and work closely with communities to share Ebola prevention messaging that empowers residents to take control of their health by providing them with critical information on the history, signs and symptoms, how the virus spreads, and devastating impact of the Ebola outbreak. We also distribute transistor radios to isolated rural communities so they too are informed on how to prevent the spread of the virus and stay up-to-date on the outbreak.

In addition to our community outreach and prevention messaging, Global Communities is providing logistical and strategic support to burial teams in all 15 counties in Liberia, including Montserrado county, where Liberia's densly populated capitol city Monrovia is located. Burial team support includes organizaing burial teams within each county and providing training to ensure safe management of corpses, equipping teams with vehicles for the transfer of corpses, providing decomtamination materials and personal protective gear, as well as providing compensation. 

Furthermore, in collaboration with local government institutions, Global Communities is providing contact tracking so that governments and local health institutions can plan for additional outbreaks in their communities. 

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