IntraHealth International, Inc.'s Response to The Ebola Crisis

Operational Summary: 

Since March, Ebola virus has killed over 5,600 people, including 340 health workers. On the front lines in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, and other countries, health workers are toiling to save lives and contain the outbreak amidst personal risk, fear, and inadequate conditions. Without training and support for these workers, the virus will continue to spread. 

Protecting health workers must be a priority during this crisis, so that they can continue treating and preventing infections and bolstering the health systems in which they work. Currently, IntraHealth International is in Liberia and anticipating to start work in Guinea within the next few days or weeks.  IntraHealth is also in two at-risk countries, Mali and Senegal.

IntraHealth is working with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Liberia and our mHero Ebola initiative partners: UNICEF Innovations Lab, USAID, K4Health, Jembi Health Systems, WHO and ThoughtWorks, to develop resources and tools, such as mobile apps and training courses, to help affected countries and their health workforces so that they can treat Ebola effectively and safely.

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