Mercy-USA For Aid & Development's Response to Horn Of Africa Drought Crisis

Operational Summary: 

Mercy-USA in Somalia focuses on nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene. Our response to the drought involves specialized feeding programs for malnourished children under five, pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as digging wells, building latrines, and distributing household items and food. 19 new wells have been dug and 5 more rehabilitated, as well as 200 latrines built for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Mercy-USA is also providing hot porridge daily to 300 IDP children and women in Mogadishu. IDPs in Daynile, Karaan and Yaqshid districts are receiving medical care through three clinics. About 24,000 IDPs, as well as members of the host community, in Mogadishu are being assisted by these various programs.

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