Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation's Response to The Ebola Crisis

Operational Summary: 

Parterning with the Healey International Relief Foundation (HIRF) and Caritas Freetown, the Tzu Chi Foundation to provides relief to the most devastated of the three Ebola-stricken countries, Sierra Leone. On March 3, 2015, a little over a year since the first reported Ebola case, Tzu Chi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with HIRF to provide much needed food and non-food materials, as well as medical equipment to the country. 

In the first year of the project, which was 2015, Tzu Chi distributed:

• 1,512 multi-functional portable beds. 

• 3,530 eco-blankets.

• 711,000 face masks.

• 342,000 Latex Examination Gloves.

• 700 Stethoscopes.

• 29,390 KG of rice.

• 7,140 Brown Rice Protein Powder.

• 1,152 women clothes.

• 3,000 bowls and spoons.

• 37,494 Pairs of Shoes.

• 119,121 Worn Clothing.

As the short-term aid and response transitions to long-term recovery and development, Tzu Chi's project will immplement a Farmer's Empowerment Program and Agricultural Education Training alongside vocational training for adults.

To learn more about Tzu Chi's project in Sierra Leone, please visit http://www.tzuchi.us/story/empowering-communities-in-sierra-leone/ for more information.

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Food and Nutrition
Medical Assistance and Counseling