Solidarity Center's Response to The Ebola Crisis

Operational Summary: 

Workers in West Africa are at high risk of contracting the deadly Ebola virus because many come in daily contact with the public in their jobs as health workers, market vendors or domestic employees. Women workers are especially vulnerable, as they also are caregivers to sick family members. The Solidarity Center's union allies in Liberia and Sierra Leone are working to slow the spread of the deadly virus by providing workers with prevention education, material support and financial assistance, including:

  • Union member education and training on Ebola preventive measures, so that they may also train communities
  • Material assistance to health workers, such as personnel protective clothing and equipment, and Ebola kits to clean and disinfect homes
  • Assistance to union members who have been quarantined in their homes due to Ebola, and
  • Financial assistance for infected workers and for family members of deceased workers
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