World Hope International's Response to Hurricane Matthew Crisis

Operational Summary: 

 Due to the severe damage and loss of homes from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, an outbreak of cholera, a deadly diarrheal illness that spreads through contaminated water, has already begun.

After Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on October 4, 2016, World Hope International provided immediate support to address the dire situation. WHI delivered 2,000 water filters, 2,520 hygiene kits and 342 tarps to the most affected areas of Haiti during the week of October 10th. These life-saving goods, which will help to stop the spread of further illness, were distributed through Global Partners and local Wesleyan churches in Haiti’s Southern Peninsula, where the hurricane hit the hardest. World Hope is continuing to receive information from our local team in Haiti, and will be sending over more relief supplies as needed.

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Water and Sanitation
Early Recovery