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Jan 30, 2016
The scale and severity of human suffering in current armed conflicts represent a distressing race to the bottom in disregard for the basic rules regulating armed conflict. Civilian deaths and injuries resulting from explosive weapons have increased by 52% over the last four years. The world is currently witnessing the greatest population displacement since World War II. This is not merely the tragic, inevitable consequence of conflict, and it cannot be excused by the fog of war. Much of this loss of life and human suffering is avoidable. This is precisely what international humanitarian law, also known as the law of armed conflict, is for – to limit the effects of armed conflict.
Jan 20, 2016
On January 20, a group of 129 humanitarian organizations and UN agencies issued a joint appeal for immediate action to end the deadly conflict in Syria. The appeal calls on governments and citizens alike to join the signatories in urging all parties to the Syrian conflict to work towards, "an agreement on a ceasefire and a path to peace."
Jan 15, 2016
In anticipation of the 2016 London Donors Conference for Syria, InterAction sent this letter to President Obama requesting high level U.S. Government representation at the conference and calling on U.S. leadership to: i.) work to ensure that the UN- led joint appeals are fully funded and continue to commit the U.S.’s fair share of support ii.) make formal, public commitments to a bold, new and ambitious long-term plan to support refugees and neighboring countries. iii.) recognize humanitarian considerations as integral to the Vienna Process. and iv.) issue the strongest possible communiqué to confront and condemn all attacks on civilians and violations of international humanitarian law. 
Jan 15, 2016
A meeting of the IASC Principals, chaired by the Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien, was hosted by the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) in Geneva on 11 December 2015. The agenda was structured around five main areas: (i) response to humanitarian needs in protracted crises; (ii) resource mobilization and humanitarian financing; (iii) the World Humanitarian Summit; (iv) strategic coordination of cash transfer programming; and (v) IASC priorities in 2016-2017.
Jan 12, 2016
Calling from Zambia, UNFPA Assistant Secretary-General Kate Gilmore welcomed the participants to the 89th Working Group meeting and highlighted the need to position humanitarian issues in the UN campaign “Every Woman Every Child”.
Dec 14, 2015
Since February 11, 2014, South Sudan has been operating as a Level 3 emergency, or a system-wide crisis. Upon the invitation of the NGO Forum of South Sudan, InterAction team members Julien Schopp and Patricia McIlreavy traveled to South Sudan from October 28, 2015 through November 9, 2015. Visiting both Juba and Nyal, the team reviewed humanitarian practice and policy issues, including inter-agency response leadership, NGO coordination structures, the implementation of L3 and Operational Peer Review recommended actions, access negotiations and constraints, and staff duty of care. Key components of this review included gaining a better understanding of the field realities within South Sudan, especially the effectiveness and inter-linkages of coordination mechanisms, and the balance of these mechanisms with the implementation of a response. Specifically to the NGOs, InterAction staff attempted to get a sense of whether the NGO community was being engaged appropriately within the implementation of the Transformative Agenda. 
Dec 02, 2015
On December 2, 2015, InterAction sent U.S senators and staff a sign-on letter from 59 humanitarian and faith-based NGOs -- representing millions of Americans who directly support U.S. work overseas -- strongly urging them to vote against H.R. 4038 -- the American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act -- or any similar appropriations policy riders and/or legislation which may be considered.
Nov 19, 2015
To help dispell some of the many myths surrounding efforts to assist Syrian refugees, InterAction -- the largest U.S. alliance of international NGOs -- has released a short fact sheet for policymakers, members of the press and civil society advocates.Members of the press with questions should contact Burt Edwards ( or 202.552.6554). All other inquiries should be directed to