2017 UNHCR-NGO Partnership Survey General Report

In order to better understand partnership dynamics and develop a body of evidence on perceptions of UNHCR-NGO partnership, since 2014 UNHCR’s Implementing Partner Management Service (IPMS) alongside HIAS, and, in 2017, InterAction, have been systematically soliciting UNHCR and partner feedback via an annual survey on the state of UNHCR-NGO partnership working together for refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons and asylum seekers whom, collectively, we refer to as “persons of concern.”

Separate and nearly identical surveys were sent to UNHCR Country offices and to NGOs, via prior year respondents and two global NGO consortia, InterAction and ICVA. Respondents were asked a series of questions related to different aspects of the UNHCR-NGO project partnership relationships: basic information, overall relationship, planning, selection, and implementation. The data received was analyzed jointly by HIAS and InterAction in consultation with UNHCR-IPMS.